Our Mission
St Teresa of Avila Parish strives to be a vibrant, welcoming Catholic Community. We live out our fervent belief in Jesus Christ's presence among us by celebrating the Eucharist as a family and by embracing the Stewardship Way of Life. In this way we show our love for God and reach out to our neighbor in loving service.
St. Teresa's Prayer Line
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Online Book of Hope Prayer Intentions
St. Teresa of Avila wants to offer up your prayers during Weekend Masses. Please fill out the form below with your intentions and they will be sent confidentially to our Parish Office and placed in our Book of Hope. 
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From Our Patroness
St. Teresa
of Avila

"Whoever has not begun the practice of prayer, I beg for the love of the Lord not to go without so great a good. There is nothing here to fear but only something to desire."




OCTOBER 25 & 26
Christians suffer in many parts of the world, but one unique group stands out by their significance for the family of faith. The Christians of the Middle East live in the land where Jesus walked, taught, suffered, and died. Today their numbers are greatly reduced, and they struggle to survive in the land made holy by Christ. Little Bethlehem is with us THIS WEEKEND trying to offer religious items, carved from the olive wood. By purchasing the items you are helping your brothers and sister stay attached to their roots and keep their churches open.


Monday October 27, 2014
Woodbury Senior Center
Free Lunch at Noon/Program to Follow
“learning & living
With osteoporosis
Presented by: Marge Owens, M.S., PT
Cornerstone Physical Therapy
Sponsored by St Teresa Parish Nurse Health Ministry
Call to Register
Woodbury Senior Center 203-263-2828

Saint Teresa’s Youth Choir
Tuesdays   5:45-6:45 PM
         Seidel Hall             
                                       Contact Chris Shay                                                  

Five Sessions on
 “Pathway Through History”
(1st 5 Books of the Old Testament)
Sr. Jewel Renna, an expert on Sacred Scripture, who initiated the Archdiocesan Biblical School years ago, and which continues to thrive, will present “Pathway Through History” in the Fall. Anyone who has attended her classes raves about how interesting, informative and enjoyable they are. So if you are interested, please mark down the following dates on your calendar. All presentations are scheduled for Monday evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM:  October 27 in Seidel Hall.
GARDEN 2014                              


St. Teresa’s community extends an invitation to our inactive brothers and sisters to explore the possibility of coming home. St. Teresa of Avila Church welcomes you all Home. If you have any questions please call Deacon Ralph at 203-263-2008.

Pope Francis said on November 24, 2013
“I invite all Christians, everywhere, at this moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to letting him encounter them.
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Sandwich Saturday
10 am, Parish Office
Religious Education
Sun. 9:45-11:15, Woodbury Middle School
Liturgy of the Word 
Sunday 11:30 AM, Church

Lunch & Learn
Mon. 12 pm-Senior Center
Pathway Through History
Mon. Oct. 27, 6:30 pm, Hall
Youth Choir
Tues. 5:45 pm, Church/Hall

If Region 14 School District is cancelled OR DELAYED due to snow or ice we will not have Mass that morning.
For Saturday and Sunday Masses check CBS channel 3 or NBC30 channel 6 (Charter) if there is any doubt.
The Mass intentions will be moved to the next available Mass.

For more information, see this week's bulletin or our calendar.