A Way of Life
Our parish family has deepened our journey of faith by embracing the Stewardship way of Life. More than 60% of our Parishioners offer their time and talent to reach out to others in the name of Jesus.

Stewardship provides each of us with the opportunity to thank God for all the blessings we have received. It invites us to strive for a deeper relationship with God, calling for the prayerful, planned, and proportionate sharing of our Time, Talent, and Treasure.

Our contributions of time, talent, and treasure should not be routine or reflex reactions, but are intentional commitments made after prayer and discernment.


We seek communication with God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide our decision making.

Our Stewardship efforts are strongly reflected in all other aspects of our lives, especially by the way we choose to work, participate in family life, and support the needs of others.



What are you called to do? The links below will provide more information about nearly 40 ministries within St. Teresa’s lively parish. Prayerfully review them and decide where your talents and time can best be offered in service to God and His people. Join us on our journey!

Stewardship A Disciples Response
Americarn Bishops Pastoral Letter.

Welcome people as they arrive for Mass, be an usher, sing in the choir, or proclaim the Scriptures.

Growing In Faith
Become involved in Bible study groups or Religious Education.

Serving Our Parish
Join our Men’s Club or Women’s Guild, or guide our Ministries.

Service Through Prayer
Pray for peace and for our parish, assist with retreat planning, or join our Nocturnal Adoration.

Serving Our Community
Reach out to the community around you by joining our Food Bank, ministering to those in convalescent homes, visiting the hospitalized, or comforting those who mourn.and by embracing the Stewarcship Way of Lift. In this way we show our love for God and reach out to our neighbor in loving service.

Stewardship A Disciples Response
Americarn Bishops Pastoral Letter.

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