St. Teresa of Avila parishioners are committed to uplifting our parish family while at the same time building bridges that reach out to, and improve, the surrounding community. We invite you to learn more about our community of faith and we are here to assist you in matching your talents to your calling. 

The Communications Committee provides information to the parish and local community about parish ministries, activities, and events, and assists the pastor in coordination of parish information, functions, and the dissemination of pastoral announcements. For information, contact Bob Taylor.

Men’s Club
St. Teresa’s Men’s Club functions as a spiritual and social organization for the advancement of the parish of St. Teresa and its parishioners, as well as the welfare of the community. For information, contact Barry Burton at 203-266-0497.

Stewardship Core Group
The Core Group’s mission is to assist in organizing and guiding parish ministries in their individual missions, and to enhance the concept of Stewardship for the entire parish family. For information, contact Tom Casteel.
Women’s Guild
Our Women’s Guild is an organization of women of the parish who come together for fellowship and to develop projects to serve parishioners and other members of the Woodbury community. For information, contact Mary Smith.

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishop's Pastoral Letter on Stewardship, Stewardship: A Disciple's Response, everyone has some natural responsibility for a portion of the world and an obligation in caring for it to acknowledge God’s dominion. But there are also those who might be called stewards by grace. Baptism makes Christians stewards of this kind, able to act explicitly on God’s behalf in cultivating and serving the portion of the world entrusted to their care. We find the perfect model of such stewardship in the Lord.

PDF of Stewardship A Disciple's Response

Here are some questions to consider:
  • If you were to undertake stewardship as a way of Christian life, what major problems and pain would you anticipate?
  • In your lifetime, how have you experienced co-creation with God?
  • How do you relate Christian stewardship to ecology, to your personal care for the environment?
  • How do you react to the idea of “being our brother’s keeper,” of being involved in efforts to curtail consumerism so that God’s good things will benefit not only some, but all people?
  • What does the word of God say to you regarding the life of stewardship?


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